Together we’re stronger

The energy revolution needs to come from the people, for the people.

Together we’re stronger

At tiko, we source our motivation every day in the belief that technology can and will help saving our ecosystem, and that its adoption will only happen through shared benefits between the utilities, manufacturers, grids and consumers.

We believe that the change will be possible if we collectively change the way we consume energy. Thus, our flexible and modular technology enables innovative, hybrid business models that allow each actor to gain money and efficiency, while enabling consumers to gain insight and control over their energy consumption.

We put this unique knowledge at the disposal of our partners, making them leaders of the energy revolution, and helping them to gain an innovative image among their customers.

Our unique DNA

We want our grandchildren to enjoy snow in the mountains, watch polar bears at the north pole and visit the atolls of the pacific.

We are deep

100% of the solution is designed in-house: hardware, software, backend, interfaces. The full ownership and the unique combination of telecommunication and energy know-how enables us to offer tailor made solutions.

We think industrial-grade

Several thousands of end consumer devices are already connected to the tiko network, which is delivering energy and grid services across Europe since 2012. The platform allows to scale up to several million devices to be managed.

We empower consumers

Our Energy Management system offers insight and control over their energy consumption to consumers, while our VPP enables innovative business models easing to the transformation of consumers into prosumers.

Walking the talk

We operate our own Virtual Power Plant and offer energy management solutions since 2012 to more than 7.000 connected households. Our experience allows us to guide our partners through all the steps from opportunity identification to daily operations and customer support.

Swiss Quality

With one of Switzerland biggest and oldest companies as an investor, we take pride into delivering products living by the highest standards of the renowned Swiss Quality. We only use secure Swiss servers and apply the highest standards of expectations to our manufacturers.

Meet our founders

Sandra Trittin

Chief Business Officer

Working on topics related to our energy future, means working on our future daily lives.

The solution of tiko has the potential to be deployed worldwide allowing CO2 savings, increasing energy efficiency for end-customers, the energy industry and the society.

Stéphane Dufour

Chief Technology Officer

Our future is decentral energy – and this revolution has started, as big as the emergence of the computers and Clouds over the past 50 years.

At tiko we strive to make it as good as conventional power plants (economical, reliable, safe) and perfectly integrated in our day to day life.

It is a huge responsibility considering that pools of batteries, EVs, heating or cooling load will easily and quickly outnumber the capacity of conventional power plants in our grids.

Frédéric Gastaldo

Chief Executive Officer

Mankind is competing against time. Global warming hits the planet in a matter of a couple human generations, an incredibly short period of time for the entire system to adjust and avoid dramatic consequences.

At tiko we are committed to deliver technologies which enable the energy transition here and now. As opposed to too little too late.



Energy Management Award – European Utility Week 2016


Swiss Enterprise Award 2017 - Leading Experts in Energy Management Solutions


Charge Energy Branding Award 2017


Global Energy Award 2017


Energy App Award 2017


Energy Revolution Award – European Utility Week 2016


Top 100 Start-ups 2018 - Global Energy Transition (GET) 100


Top 100 Start-ups 2017 - Global Energy Transition (GET) 100

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