tiko sun: Your solution to the
Net Metering disruption


Modular, easy to install and universal.
Discover our intuitive solution for PV owners

The Net Metering allowed you to compensate your energy consumed from the grid with the energy produced and feed in to the grid, saving money in your electricity bill in the process.

The end of the reversing counter for the smart meters means the end of the Net Metering but not the end of their savings. tiko sun helps to manage and optimize energy self-consumption by connecting PV systems with electrical devices that allows them to can keep their bill low even without Net Metering.


How tiko sun works

tiko sun optimizes the self-consumption of every device with potential free contact -battery, PV, boiler, heat pump, EV- that produces or consumes energy and, at the same time, ensures maximum end-user comfort.


The benefits of choosing tiko sun

We want to help installers and their customers to save money,
energy and to contribute to a greener world.


Compatible with any dry contact device, regardless of brand or model

Easy to install

Quick installation, with no additional wiring and with dedicated instructions

Maximize self-consumption

Optimization of the potential of PV systems, new or in retrofit

tiko app: energy under control

Production and consumption under control
through intuitive app for the end user

Energy Community

Ready for the Energy Communities and  UVAM

Smart Meter ready



tiko sun kit:
smart energy in one box

Our hardware is proprietary, efficient and reliable



The M-Box is a highly secure router, which connects the end-user’s tiko installation to the tiko datacenter (Back-End Private Cloud System) through ethernet or private mobile connection. Using the existing power lines of the customer’s house, it con-trols the other tiko devices.


The K-Box is a control device. It couples a Smart Meter and an integrated switch which allows the measurement and control of the connected devices. A version with an optocoupler allows the connections to batteries.

tiko accessories


The C-Box is a communication interface for appliances (e.g. a battery) that support the Modbus protocol (via ETH, RS485) or can be controlled by 4 GPIOs. The bridge ensures the power supply of the C-Box and is the communication interface to the M-Box.

myStrom Smart Plugs

The myStrom smart plug connects household appliances to the tiko platform. Thanks to the smart plugs, users can monitor their energy all connected appliances and turn them on automatically, in order to optimize their self-consumption.


tiko partner portal: on the side of the installer

From customer registration to support, tiko is always with you.


A universal solution, easy to install

and documentations

Access to the installer manual and to the technical documentations about tiko sun

Step by step

Install tiko professionally, thanks to easy-to-follow instructions

overview portal

Keep in touch with your customers and monitor their self-consumption in real time

Installer support

Contact tiko support to get assistance via email and phone before, during and after the installation


tiko app: the best user experience for your end customer

an intuitive interface to measure, control and customize self-consumption


Transform your customers  in prosumers and make them the protagonists of the energy revolution.  tiko app allows end users to monitor and optimize their energy efficiency, even remotely. Key features of the app include:

Analytics about energy consumption and production, in a given time period

Eco Mode to save energy when away from home

Visibility about money savings since the installation of tiko

Notifications and Alarmings via SMS, app or email if the systems detects any anomalies

The self-consumption modes satisfies all customers’ needs:

The tiko app offers three optimization modes, that can be activated remotely and in real time:

  • Comfort Mode where your comfort has top priority
  • Efficiency Mode with the highest priority on energy efficiency and higher self-consumption
  • Custom Mode for customers who want to personalize the energy behaviour of each devices

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