The M-Box is a highly secure gateway, which connects the end-user’s tiko installation to the tiko datacenter (Back-End Private Cloud System) through ethernet or private mobile connection. Using the existing power lines of the customer’s house, it con-trols the other tiko devices.


The K-Box is a class B 3-phase energy meter for active power. Together with an integrated switch, it can measure and control the connected device.


The C-Box is a communication interface for appliances (e.g. a battery) that support the Modbus protocol (via ETH, RS485) or can be controlled by 4 GPIOs.


The D-Box allows customers to remotely control direct electrical heating systems, enabling temperature-based, room-by-room smart solutions.


The tiko Meter is a class C single-phase power meter for active, reactive and apparent power. It is used for consumption awareness and by the back-end algorithm.