Meet the team

Aby Chacko

Head of Energy Services

"The Optimist"

Aby is our specialist for ancillary services and is responsible for the prequalification of our technology by TSOs. In his free time he enjoys reading historical fiction.

Benjamin Sawicki

Head of Quality and Security


In charge of our security and the quality team, Ben's motto is "safety first." In his free time Ben loves exploring Europe at the wheel of his camper.

Enrique Munoz


"The Oracle"

Part of Enrique’s job is to understand the past and predict the future… To make it more mysterious, he expresses his forecasts only in numbers. In his free time, Enrique plays football and doesn’t hesitate to organize tournaments with our partners - and of course to celebrate with a good glass of wine, as a true Spaniard.

Etienne Perrot

Trainee Business Development Manager


Etienne works closely with our Business Development Team and supports them with his data analysis. In his free time, he enjoys climbing and skitouring in the French and Swiss Alps.

Federico Vanzati

Automation and Test Engineer

"Inspector Vanzati"

Part of Federico's job is to make sure that our technology works seemlessly by investigating and testing it. Before coming to tiko, he helped to found a FabLab in Italy, where he liked to build things, such as a glorious cocktail machine.

Florent Xicluna

ERP Manager

"Python Guru"

Florent is our specialist in Python and Odoo. When he’s not leading our ERP Team, Florent likes swimming, mountain biking, and spending time with his family.

Frédéric Gastaldo

Co-founder & CEO

"The Connoisseur"

If Fred is not in the office, he’s probably travelling around Europe (by train, to reduce his CO2 impact) to see our clients, which gives him time to listen to symphonies. Always up to a challenge, his goal is to listen to all symphonies ever composed. He loves to spend his time reading and is truly passionate about wine. He hopes to one day invent a time machine, which would allow him to go back for more free time.

Gorka Garrido Benito

Senior Firmware Engineer

"The Basque"

An important part of our hardware team, Gorka delights his co-workers with his Spanish accent and his big smile. In the office, you can often find him in the kitchen if a cake is around. In his free time, Gorka loves relaxing at home with his wife and cat.

Henriette Fankhauser

Assistant GL / Logistic Manager

"Any questions?"

If you have a question - ask Henriette! She organises our logistics and is an expert on how tiko works because she has been part of it from the beginning. In her free time she loves hiking with her dog Ella. Sometimes her furry sidekick comes to the office, making everyone's day brighter.

Jérémy Giorgini

Rollout and Operations Manager

"Extreme Rider"

An expert in tiko's solutions, Jérémy manages our French and Italian speaking installers. Passionate about sports, you will find him wakeboarding in the summer and snowboarding in the winter.

Katrin Schweren

Head of Regulatory and Public Affairs

"The Specialist"

Katrin is our in-house specialist on regulation of the electricity sector. Liaising with regulatory and political bodies in Switzerland and the EU, she travels extensively to represent tiko’s position and share her insights at conferences. When she’s in Switzerland, you’ll find her in the Swiss mountains, skiing in the winter or cycling in the summer.

Léo Arnoux

DevOps Engineer

"The Nutritionist"

Léo makes sure that our systems run smoothly at tiko. He is also our in-house dietician, despite a strong taste for weird, cheesy recipes. In his free time, Léo loves to go climbing and is always happy to bring some colleagues with him.

Lorenzo Calegari

Backend Engineer

"The Haskell Cabalist"

Haskell, Haskell, Haskell! It is Lorenzo's passion and he happily programs all day long. In his spare time he likes to play the piano. He copes with his longing for spirituality by espousing fringe conspiracy theories, but so far he's heard no calling.

Lorenzo Consolaro

Automation and Test engineer

"The Mystery Solver"

When Lorenzo is not making our network more stable by investigating its inner layer, he entertains us by happily teaching us fun Italian sentences. In his spare time, he enjoys going to concerts and programming.

Luca Regazzoni

Help Desk Specialist

"Il Tatuato"

Luca takes care of our Italian- and French-speaking customers. In his free time, he likes to drive around on his Ducati and to exercise his creativity by designing his own tattoos.

Luca Vaudano

Engineering Manager

"Corto Maltese"

Luca has been with tiko almost from its beginning and now is leading our backend team to new horizons. In his spare time, he enjoys skiing and hiking in the mountains with his family.

Noah Halford

Backend Engineer

"The Physicist"

Noah is excited about physics, programming in Haskell, and 3D printing. What he is not excited about is wearing shoes in the office - which everyone else has grown to accept.

Marc Scherrer

Head of Operations

"The Expert"

Marc shares his expertise about European regulations and transnational operation contracts with tiko. When he’s not developing new ancillary service products, he enjoys cooking.

Marcelo Barbosa da Conceição

Full Stack Engineer

"Lead Awesomeness Singer"

While he is working passionately on our web and app solutions, you can hear Marcelo humming beautiful (according to him) songs inspired by things he hears in the office. He loves to spend his time with his wife and cute kid.

Margarita Cherepanova

Senior Business Development Manager

"The Conductor"

Singing, dancing, playing… for Margarita it’s all about the music. Our French-Russian artist also knows to conduct our teams so they play the perfect tune to ensure the delivery of her projects.

Martin-Joseph Mukuna Tumba

Help Desk Specialist

"Mista Joe"

If Joe is not busy supporting our customers, you can find him singing and dancing around the office. Outside of work, he plays a lot of sports and loves to spend time with his family and friends.

Michel Goetschi

Help Desk Specialist

"Inspector Gadget"

As a huge IoT fan, Michel's house is completly set up with smart home gadgets. In his free time, he likes to explore Switzerland on his motorcycle.

Moritz Wälde

Senior Business Development Manager / E-Mobility Product Manager

"Mountain Enthusiast"

Truly passionate about mountains, Moritz spends all his free time at the highest peaks of Switzerland, climbing or ski touring. Part of the Business Development Team, he doubles as our e-mobility specialist.

Myriam Bruet

Head of Marketing

"Chief Happiness Officer"

Myriam is our marketing mastermind - only the sky is the limit when it comes to her creativity. Always in a good mood, her laugh resonates all around the office and puts a smile on her colleagues' faces. In her free time, you’ll find Myriam doing yoga, dancing or enjoying the company of her friends and family.

Philip Frei

Head of Rollout and Operations

"The Road Runner"

Philip is always out on the road, helping our clients roll out our solutions. When he's in the office, you'll see him drinking coffee out of champagne flutes. In his free time Philip enjoys downhill biking through the French Alps.

Pradyumna Ayyalasomayajula

Senior Firmware Engineer

"Keep Calm Engineer"

As a former yoga teacher, Prad brings peacefulness and good karma to our office while making our hardware functional. Unfazed about the most surprising events in the hardware office, you can always count on him to be smiling. Aside from work, he loves to spend time in the mountains with his amazing wife and daughter.

Richard Lu

Senior Hardware Engineer


As our internal Wikipedia, Richard always knows the answers when you have a question about history, different cultures, or geography. He likes to play with acronyms to entertain his colleagues while designing our hardware.

Sabine Vincent

Data Scientist

"Data Dancer"

It is Sabine's job to make complicated things easy to understand. When she is not transforming complex data into crystal clear models, you can find Sabine dancing Zumba or jazz.

Samuel Enggist

Senior Business Development Manager


Living by the motto "Together we’re stronger", Sam preaches tiko's vision to utility companies across Europe to accelerate the energy transition. When he is not traveling for tiko, he enjoys cross country skiing in his beloved Engadin and dancing at salsa parties.

Sandra Trittin

Co-founder & CBO

"The Happy Traveler"

Always full of energy, Sandra travels all around the globe to promote tiko and create new business opportunities, and she always returns with some sweets to share in the office. Sandra also teaches pilates, loves surfing and enjoys skiing in the mountains.

Sophia Engel

Marketing Manager

"Mother of Kittens"

Sophia is always ready to organise lunches and events, reflecting tiko's motto: "Together we’re stronger." You might wonder where all this energy comes from - in her free time she enjoys her friends' company while snowboarding or kitesurfing, and when she's not doing sports she likes cuddling with her cute cats.

Stéphane Dufour

Co-founder & CTO

"The racer"

Stéphane has been steering tiko’s technology strategy and development since the very beginning. Outside of work, he spends his time traveling and discovering new cultures. Grown up exposed to the best french cooks, he enjoys good food and never refuses a good wining and dining proposal. Want to do sport? Propose him tennis, sailing or old timer car racing.

Sylvain Gadola

Energy Operations Manager

"Iced Coffee Expert"

Sylvain manages tiko's relationship with the grid and operates our VPP services. In his free time he plays water polo in the Swiss National League and dances Lindy hop. Feel like an iced coffee? Ask Sylvain.

Takvoryan Akis

Customer Experience Manager

"Akis the White"

German, Greek, English, French, Italian, and Turkish - choose your language with Akis and he will always answer with a smile. He makes sure that all of tiko's interfaces and processes are perfect for our customers.

Tibor Kiss

Senior Backend Engineer

"Father of time"

Developer during the day and music producer at night. Tibor specialises in systems with high volumes of time series data. When he is not at work, he and his wife record songs in their home studio.

Tim Plaisted

Lead Full Stack Developer

"King of the Forest"

Tim is the heart of our Frontend Team and has been part of tiko almost since the beginning. He makes his colleagues happy by bringing back treats from Australia and giving them lessons on how to properly do a Tim Tam Slam.

Vincent Eggerling

DevOps Engineer

"The Hugging Bear"

Vincent never says no to a good party or having drinks after work. When he is not partying, his hobbies include studying advanced mathematics. In the office he develops our systems architecture and offers hugs whenever comfort is needed.

Yuri Selvaggi

Head of Devices Development

"Italian Yuri"

Also known as the Italian Yuri to differentiate him from his Russian colleague, Yuri loves getting tiko colleagues to bet about various topics - don't worry, all gains are then reinvested into the team's well-being. Passionate about his work, Yuri takes great pride in designing low-consumption, long-lasting devices.

Yury Georgievskiy

Senior Firmware Engineer

"Russian Yury"

Called the Russian Yury to differentiate him from his Italian colleague, you will sometimes hear him swear in Russian - and he will teach you how without hesitation. Yury spends his free time with his wife and two kids.

Tom Kienle

CEO myStrom

"Mister myStrom"

Tom leads myStrom, tiko’s little sister specialised in smart accessories, to international success. In his spare time, Tom enjoys the pleasures of life: skiing, animated discussions with friends, and having a nice dinner with a good glass of wine.

Jens Wöhler

Senior Financial Officer

"Cookie Dealer"

Jens takes care of our financials and is also the corporate secretary of tiko. To the delight of his colleagues, he happily shares the cookies and sweets which can always be found on his desk. He likes to drive through Switzerland and Europe on his motorbike and enjoys good food and being in nature.

Eric Bodin

Deployment Manager

"The Photographer"

Eric’s job is to ensure the proper deployment of our solution in France, where tiko is present. He happily shares his expertise with local installers and partners alike. In his spare time Eric discovers the world through his long travels and photographs the beautiful nature around us.

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