Room Temperature Programming

Transforming old generation convectors into connected ones to increase comfort and save energy

  • Connect existing convectors through retrofitting in only a couple of hours
  • Up to 20% and 320 kg CO2/year saved on energy consumption
  • 400 kg CO2 and 3 000 € saved on average vs heating system replacement
  • Room temperature programming day by day, with a 15-min sensitivity, from anywhere and at anytime thanks to the tiko mobile app
  • Consumption monitoring and visualization
  • Additional revenues from the VPP and customer life-cycle extension

tiko sun

Adjusting consumption profiles of prosumers to their own PV production

  • Prosumers power their other equipment using their PV installation and set preferences to match their personal needs
  • Insights on consumption behavior and optimization potential through our award-winning app
  • Up to 75% self-consumption and up to 160€ saved per year on energy bill thanks to self-consumption optimization
  • Participation on Intraday market with pool of electric vehicles
  • Additional VPP revenue from the remaining flexibility of controlled loads

tiko power

Modernizing existing heat-pumps, boilers, and night storage systems and enabling full control

  • Existing devices connected in a couple of hours, without having to change them
  • Full control of all connected devices and their consumption
  • Up to 60% and up to 120kg CO2 energy saved per year while away from home thanks to Eco-Mode
  • Comfort guarantee thanks to the alarming function – by SMS, in-app notification, or email
  • Additional revenue from the VPP on high-flexibility potential devices and customer life-cycle extension

On Premises Peak Shaving

Handle e-car charging and guarantee consumption optimization, while avoiding local blackouts

  • Reducing subscribed power and end-customer energy bills
  • Consumption monitoring and energy savings
  • To be combined with the Self-consumption optimization feature from PV owners
  • Preventing costly grid upgrades
  • Additional revenue thanks to the VPP

Our Virtual Power Plant

Working in unison with HEMS solutions to provide additional revenue

Create a very attractive business case with our VPP

and generate additional revenue to make our award-winning EMS even more affordable, thanks to the monetization of your customers’ flexibility.

Deliver the full spectrum of energy services

by using the flexibility of your customers’ devices to provide services ranging from Demand Response, DER and frequency regulation, to intra-day and day-ahead markets.

Enable customers to participate in the energy transition

by helping to stabilize the grid and thus promoting the integration of renewables in our energy supply.

Benefit from a platform as secure as a physical power plant

and protect your energy cloud from major hacks. Our technology is built with integrated high-end encryption standards and end-to-end security.


frequency response






availability to Grid


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