Working with tiko means starting a long-term relationship where understanding and satisfying your needs is key.


We offer the technology and agility of a startup, with the quality and support of a big company.

Our platform is designed to be customized and our sales and project management teams take finding the perfect solution for this collaboration to heart.


How it works

01Discovery phase
01Discovery phase

This phase is all about getting to know each other better and finding out how our products and solutions can be the perfect fit to your needs. Because first-hand experience is always the best way to fully understand a product, we offer the opportunity for some of your internal customers to test our solutions.


  • Meet your tiko team: a key account manager and a technical account manager
  • Discovery of your needs and market specificities
  • Match our products and services with your needs
  • Define a preliminary business case
  • Define the discovery phase KPIs
  • Collect feedback and get actual insight
  • Install our solutions for up to 10 customers and get familiar with:
    • The technical aspects of the solution, especially the installation process
    • The end-customer tools, such as the app

At the end of this phase, you will trust tiko products and solutions to be tested with end customers in the field.

02Field test
02Field test

Favoring a pragmatic approach, this phase is all about field testing in order to check the business case assumptions and define your own customized solution.


  • Define specific needs and acknowledge associated technical constraints.
  • Create differentiating value propositions
  • Define a mix between EMS and VPP services
  • Elaborate a complete business case
  • Test acquisition, installation and support processes
  • Define and test support and analysis tools
  • Validate your business case assumptions against real customers’ needs and satisfaction level:
    • Define the test criteria
    • Set up your branded test environment
    • Install up to 100 customers with an equipment portfolio consistent with your Business Case assumptions
    • Validate value proposition, support tools and skills
    • Collect feedback from first installations and test customers

At the end of this phase, together we will issue a specifications document in order to reach a sound business case and customize the solution to fit your needs.

03Solution development
03Solution development

Now that we have defined the characteristics of your solution, we will create your minimum viable product and launch it in order to validate customer acceptance and certify energy and grid services.


  • Further define your marketing and communication strategy and test plan
  • Launch customized apps and support tools
  • Validate VPP services mix
  • Start the certification process with the TSOs
  • Introduce scalable acquisition, installation and support processes:
    • Install up to 1 000 customers
    • Analyze take rates and best acquisition mix thanks to A/B testing
    • Scale up and monitor installation and support processes as well as customer feedback
    • Operate VPP services

Now we have reached a scalable solution and obtained the certification to deliver energy services to the grid.

04Commercial roll-out
04Commercial roll-out

Your customized solution is ready, working smoothly and bringing satisfaction to your customers. Now it is time to enter the “run” phase and the integrate our solution in your daily commercial activities.


  • Launch massive Go-2-Market plan and integrate sales in recurrent business activities
  • Monitor performance of both EMS and VPP solutions using your customized tools
  • Deliver Grid services
  • Generate revenue from both EMS and VPP solutions
  • Regularly review, adjust and enrich the solution as necessary

Now you benefit from a successful, differentiating and revenue-generating solution, which will keep growing and adapting to new market needs and opportunities thanks to a fruitful cooperation between you and tiko.


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tiko is the largest real-time Smartgrid in Europe and we are continuously developing new functionalities. Our highly innovative profile  attracts the attention inside and outside of Switzerland borders, launching international partnerships.


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