Our technology is developed 100% in-house, allowing us to fully customize it to fit your requirements best and ensure our solutions will successfully fulfill your needs.

Our devices and systems are designed to match the highest quality standards, and produced by elected manufacturers. Our apps and support tools will help you bring solutions both to your employees, facilitating their deployment, and to your customers. Whether for a white-labelled app or an integrated API, you will find in tiko the perfect technology supplier.






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Control Devices

tiko offers a range of control devices, adapted to device and country’s specificities. Communicating through the existing PLC with the Home Gateway, they allow to connect all kinds of electrical devices of the tiko network and the Energy Management system, thus enabling prosumers to benefit from a compete control over their equipment.

The K-Box couple a Smart Meter and an integrated switch which allows the measure and control of the connected devices. A version with optocoupler allows the connection of batteries.

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The C-Box is a configurable device enabling the control and connection of most batteries available on the market to the tiko systems.

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The tiko Meter, a class-C meter, can be used solely to meter devices or a whole installation, thus offering flexibility in the solution design.

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The D-box offers to remotely control direct electrical heating systems, enabling temperature-based, room-by-room smart solutions.

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The K-Box

Metrology characteristics

Power meterMetering accordingly to class 1 based on EN50470-1, EN50470-3 and TR50579
Operation conditionsStorage conditions
Temperature (min)-10º C-20º C
Temperature (max)+55º C+70º C
Relative humidity (max)10% - 85% without condensation5% - 95% without condensation
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