Our technology is developed 100% in-house, allowing us to fully customize it to fit your requirements and ensure our solutions will successfully fulfill your needs.

Our devices and systems are designed to match the highest quality standards. Our apps and support tools will help you bring solutions both to your employees, facilitating their deployment and to your customers. Whether for a white-labelled app or an integrated API, you will find tiko to be the perfect technology supplier.

Home Gateway

tiko’s Home Gateway range is composed of highly secure routers which connect the end-user’s tiko installation to the tiko datacenter (Back-End Private Cloud System) through ethernet or private mobile connection. Using the existing power lines of the customer’s house, it controls the other tiko devices: control devices and connected accessories.

The M-Box operates the WAN connection either through a private mobile connection and/or by using Ethernet network over Internet. It has a TSO compliant level of security.

On the end-user side (LAN side), the Gateway Box communicates through the power lines of the house (PLC) with each installed tiko devices (e.g. Control Boxes, Connected Accessories…), which measure the energy consumption of connected electrical loads and switch them. Our Gateways are equipped with a proprietary secure 868 MHz solution, enabling the use of additional smart home devices such as our temperature sensor.


Control Devices

tiko offers a range of control devices, adapted to device and country’s specificities. Communicating through the existing PLC with the Home Gateway, they allow to connect all kind of electrical devices of the tiko network and the Energy Management system, thus enabling prosumers to benefit from a compete control over their equipment.

The K-Box is a class B 3-phase energy meter for active power. Together with an integrated switch, it can measure and control the connected device.

The D-Box allows customers to remotely control direct electrical heating systems, enabling temperature-based, room-by-room smart solutions.


Connected Accessories

The tiko connected accessories are fully compatible and integrable into the tiko solutions, reinforcing the promise of a smart, optimized house to prosumers:

The myStrom accessories range includes Smart plugs, Wifi buttons and light bulbs which can be remotely controlled thanks to the myStrom app.
They can be offered as stand-alone or integrated in the tiko app  to offer a detailed visualisation of the customer’s energy consumption.
The myStrom Smart plugs can be integrated into a prosumer’s EMS and increase self-consumption by switching electrical appliances, such as washing machines, tumblers or dishwashers on and off.

The tiko temperature sensors operate in the ISM band spectrum and communicate with other devices, such as the Home Gateway via an 868MHz radio-frequency signal. The communication protocol has been developed ad-hoc in order to grant very long battery life, bi-directional messaging and strong security. Each device has a secret key which is generated during manufacturing. This key is used for pairing and for each radio transmission using the AES-128 encryption algorithm.



Key to building the relationship with your clients, the tiko app delivers all functionalities to ensure a high level of satisfaction and engagement through a well-designed and fluid UX.

The tiko app is available on smartphone, tablet and online customer interface. It can be white-labelled to better reflect your brand and reinforce your customer’s loyalty and attachment.

APIs are also available to transparently integrate tiko’s value proposition into your own customer tools/apps. Should you choose to develop your own front-end interfaces, we will provide you with APIs and guide you through their integration.


Energy Management Services

tiko delivers a full set of Energy Management Services ensuring the seamless operation of the EMS provided to your customers.

24/7 operations and 99,9% availability ensure very high quality delivery of all end-customer solutions.

Based on elaborate algorithms, the monitoring tools allow you to measure the quality of service experienced by your customers, reporting any ongoing issue and allowing an early fix as well as proactive communication.

The EMS systems also allow the maintenance of the installation on the customer side as well as the installed devices base.


Support & Installation Tools

The tiko platform offers all the tools you need to interact with your customers, including customer support tools and installation tools.

Customer Support Portal to ensure customer service agents provide top quality assistance to your customers. From high customer engagement comes high expectations of support. High quality support is key.

To assist your team in supporting your customers we have developed a Customer Support Portal customizable to the level of support it’s made available to. 1st to 3rd level support will then be delivered smoothly to your customers.

We offer in-house 3rd level support to ensure maximum quality.

Installation is a key moment of your customer journey. It is thus key to ensure its success to deliver the best customer experience, maintain costs as low as possible and ensure its quality for further operation.

Installation app specially developed to facilitate step by step installations and ensure quality of service and customer satisfaction. The installation app guides the electrician through the necessary steps to install the tiko devices, from arrival at the customer’s exact location to the documents to upload in the app. It guarantees compliance with the Grid’s requirements.

Installation Support Portal to provide remote assistance to electricians on the field to ensure seamless installations. It also allows close supervision of electricians and further follow-up. We also offer 2nd and 3rd  level support to installers on the field during roll-outs.


VPP Systems

tiko’s VPP systems control the production through energy services with a reaction time of less than 1 second and fully respect the grid’s requirements.

Our award winning cloud based virtual power plant is re-inventing power generation with machine learning driven forecasting bringing flexibility to energy providers with a decentralised user install base in Europe.

The operation of the Virtual Power Plant, capacity forecast, production control and production reporting are all performed with an availability of more than 99,9%, 24/7. Standard interfaces like IEC 101/104, TASE.2, and IP-based APIs allow easy integration into your existing portfolio.


Big Data Analytics

tiko’s support and analytics systems complement the EMS and VPP systems by providing insight and thus enabling the delivery of additional services.

Thanks to big data analytics and our advanced algorithms, our tools provide you with a better understanding of your production pattern and of your costs and revenue repartition. They also help you profile your customer base, allowing better customer targeting and the identification of new potential business models. Finally, services such as predictive maintenance can be provided to customers – another source of revenue.


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