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Our technology is developed 100% in-house, allowing us to fully customize it to fit your requirements and ensure our solutions will successfully fulfill your needs.

Our devices and systems are designed to match the highest quality standards. Our apps and support tools will help you bring solutions both to your employees, facilitating their deployment, and to your customers. Whether for a white-labelled app or an integrated API, you will find tiko to be the perfect technology supplier.












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Home Gateway

tiko’s Home Gateway range is composed of highly secure routers, which connect the end-user’s tiko installation to the tiko datacenter (Back-End Private Cloud System) through ethernet or private mobile connection. Using the existing power lines of the customer’s house, it controls the other tiko devices: control devices and connected accessories.

The M-Box operates this WAN connection either through a private mobile connection and/or by using Ethernet network over Internet. It has a TSO compliant level of security.

On the end-user side (LAN side), the Gateway Box communicates through the power lines of the house (PLC) with each installed tiko devices (e.g. Control Boxes, Connected Accessories...), which measure the energy consumption of connected electrical loads and switch them. Our Gateways are equipped with a proprietary secure 868 MHz solution, enabling the use of additional smart home devices such as our temperature sensor.

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The M-Box

The M-Box

Device characteristics

Weight 250g
Dimensions 77mm
Power supply 100-240V, 50-60 Hz, <0.5A
Connectivity 2G (GPRS) –3G (UMTS) with soldered SIM
10/100Mb Ethernet
PLC GreenPHY - HomePlugAV
Communication / Security TCP over TLS1.2 with RSA + AES-256, CA and CRL support
One key-pair per device, internally generated secret key never leaves the device
Key pair is generated using a TRNG (True Random Number Generator)
UI 1 button + 4 bi-color dimmable LEDs
CPU / OS 200MHz 32bit RISC SoC / FreeRTOS
4 or 8 GB SD based
Energy consumption 2 Watt (average), 6 Watt (peak)
  Operation conditions Storage conditions
temperature (min) 0º C -20º C
temperature (max) +40º C +70º C
Relative humidity (max) 5% - 95% without condensation 5% - 95% without condensation

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