16/02/2021 Sophia Engel

Myriam Bruet

Myriam Bruet is Chief Marketing Officer and Chief People Officer for tiko Switzerland since 2019, as well as member of the Board of Directors and Chief People Officer for tiko Italia since the company creation in 2020.

After initially joining tiko in 2015 to take charge of the marketing activities, she transitioned to HR by taking responsibility of the recruitment and internal communication aspects of the function, before to cover all HR activities.

Prior entering tiko, Myriam worked at Orange France and Orange Group in Paris, where she led various sales and marketing activities around customer acquisition, loyalty and satisfaction as well as major international internal talent-recognition programs. She later joined Swisscom’s marketing innovation team in Switzerland.

Myriam holds degrees from both the EM Normandie and the University of South Florida, majoring in sales and marketing, from which she graduated in 2001.