A unique Virtual Power Plant

✓ Under 1" frequency response
✓ 9+ million switches/year
✓ 24/7 operations
✓ 99.9% availability to Grid

A unique Virtual Power Plant

A smart Energy Management System

✓ More than 1Gw under control
✓ 100+ compatible device brands
✓ Award-winning EMS
✓ Hardware allowing retrofits

A smart Energy Management System

The tiko platform brings you the power of a Virtual Power Plant and an award-winning Smart Home Energy Management system designed to connect your Residential and SME assets. With its active VPP deployments, tiko is one of the biggest real-time Smart Grids in the world.

Our customizable, future-proof technology has the life-expectancy of a Physical Power Plant and enables the delivery of the full spectrum of energy services, including the most sophisticated. Become the driver for disruption in your market and create new profitable business models.

Your perfect smart grid

Our future-proof technology enables the full spectrum of energy services so you can decide what fits you best.

Virtual Power Plant

Energy Management System

Your custom solution


Integrate existing assets to deliver the full spectrum of energy services, including fast frequency response.


Easily connect and manage all kinds of electrical devices with our award-winning Energy Management System.


Build the smart grid solution that fits you best and generate additional revenue while making your customers happy.

Thanks to tiko, Direct Energie is proud to be the first actor in France to provide a full system qualified for PRL and adjustment load services with a residential solution, while enhancing the value proposition to our customers.

Louis Duperry, Head of Innovation, Direct Energie

With tiko Energy Solutions we leverage the sonnenBatterie’s contribution to a decentralised energy supply based on the idea of Blockchain. This enables us to create added value for our customers.

Benjamin Schott, Director of Business Development, sonnen GmbH

The majority of the possible customers wanted to have this solution installed. We have done very good experience so far. And most importantly: our customers are still very satisfied by the new service!

Kurt Bobst, CEO, Repower

As a major supplier of heat pumps in Switzerland, we are constantly looking for ways to differentiate ourselves and to increase customer loyalty. Swisscom Energy Solutions is the ideal partner for us to reach those goals and prepare for the future.

Martin Schanz, Segment Manager, Tobler

Our customers are impressed by the tiko solutions. For EKS, tiko offered a significant step forward in customer engagement. By using tiko, EKS gained an innovative and eco-friendly company image in the public opinion.

Daniel Clauss, Head of Sales and Distribution, EKS

Maximum agility

Devices and systems designed to match the highest quality standards, and cutting-edge tools for employees and customers.


Through the aggregation of small loads, tiko delivers fast frequency response with a reaction time of less than 1 second.


Connect any device from any supplier, via Cloud-2-Cloud integration or with our hardware, and retro-fit existing assets.


Encrypted, secure technologies to guarantee a full protection of customers’ data and privacy.

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